Based on the observation also have write-only modification is a small modification of the concept which is applied on AutoSpot Luxury. This be Sorry, because there are some aspects which can not applicant on bulk products. Then, there are also other considerations, namely the price.

“If we use the concept of the exhibition is certainly expensive. Modification costs only Rp 100 million. Therefore, once learned, the current version we marketed, “said Endro Nugroho.

Luxury features special APV Luxury is gril radiator, front bumper, fog lights and. Face this minivan is similar to the Toyota Alphard luxury van.

Luxury gril use with lines and more meetings. Surface remain coated chrome gril. Other side is an additional body Molding sized larger than the Arena. In addition, there is also complete side skirt. Other difference is the size and motif velg and used tires.

Velg alloy used for the two options, 15 and 17 inches. There are also differences in the tires used. To Luxury, with velg 15 inches, the size of the used tires are 195/65R15. The velg to 17 inches, which is used 215/50R17 tires.

Back & Interior
At the rear, spoiler over the new design with larger size. Additional extensions and other muffler and reverse parking sensors. The reason for Suzuki to add the last of the equipment is to facilitate owners walet.

Interior does not have to change. Only the addition of features, including alarm and key less entry does not need or use the manual key to open the door.

For the seat, the center of the model or models captain seat split. Each seat, in the front, middle, and back, with the storm (headrest), and mat hands (armrest). Middle seat can movable, while stand can be arranged angle.

For transmission, and offered a manual with a difference otomatik Rp 11 million. No engine changes, the 1.5 liter, DOHC, distributorless, multipoint injection system that produces 105 PS@6.000 power torsi rpm and 125 rpm Nm@3.000. *