Toyota Innova VS Proton Exora VS Nissan Grand Livina
Now there are many challengers Toyota Innova, seen from the dimensions and specifications there are two similar-similar. The vehicle is Exora of Proton and Grand Livinda from Nissan. Let’s look at komparasinya results.

Innova **** (4 Stars)
Exora *** (3 Stars)
Grand Livina ** (2 Stars)

Actually by looking at its dimensions was predictable area between the third cabin this MPV. Innova as the owner of the body most clearly bongsor this time as the winner. This vehicle has a cabin relief even to the most backward.

There Exora its nearest competitor with dimensions something like Innova. Exora roomy cabin, too, although still felt a little tight at the back. Last Grand Livina as the most petite body owners, it was clear the limited accommodation.

Innova * (1 Star)
Exora *** (3 Stars)
Grand Livina ** (2 Stars)

Exora look ahead, visible from the air conditioner evenly each row passengers, while only a single blower Innova and Grand Livina only with double blowers. Some other advantages are Exora head unit with bluetooth, also on the steering wheel audio control.

Exora features are still added that the safety devices, including dual airbags ABS and EBD, as well as parking sensors and immobilizer. Innova time has only an audio cassette player audio while the Grand Livina on Innova but still below Exora.

Innova Most Area
Features more in Exora

Innova **** (4 Stars)
Exora ** (2 Stars)
Grand Livina *** (3 Stars)

Third MPV is designed to transport the family, so obviously one of the convenience factor. Therefore, the third MPV uses a slug in the four wheels despite having a ‘feel’ different comfort.

Innova is considered to have the most soft suspension and cabin-resistant, conditioned either good or bad way. Suspension Grand Livina also soft and quiet cabin, although still below the Innova. While type Exora have little sporting suspension and good at high speed, but still a bit hard if slowly.

Innova *** (3 Stars)
Exora ** (2 Stars)
Grand Livina **** (4 Stars)

Although similar dimensions, but the machine that carried each of these MPV has a different capacity. Innova as the owner of the largest capacity of 2000cc and responsive manual transmission would have a better performance.

Grand Livina also not be underestimated because of his 1.500cc engine reasonably responsive and able to fight Innova. Unfortunately, lack of performance shown by Exora, although its 1600cc engine is pretty advanced but less good transmission response.
Acceleration Innova Exora GrandLivina
0-100km/jam 13.4 seconds 16.3 seconds 13.6 seconds
40-80km/jam 5.7 seconds 7.2 seconds 5.6 seconds
0-402meter 19.2 seconds 20.1 seconds 19.2 seconds

Innova Comfortable in Any Field

Most fuel save in Grand Livina

Innova ** (2 Stars)
Exora *** (3 Stars)
Grand Livina ** (2 Stars)

Well this is one important consideration for some circles in buying a car. Exora as new entrants to design a better choice ‘fresh’. Also equipped with LED taillights give the impression Exora step ahead.

Innova as long player also has undergone some changes, especially in the rear lights and bumper are more luxurious look. While Grand Livina although barely changed but the design still has fans estate itself.

Fuel Consumption
Innova * (1 Star)
Exora ** (2 Stars)
Grand Livina *** (3 Stars)

This factor is equally important to taken into account. The machine that carried each of these MPV has embraced technology to a valve regulating its own name. Innova with VVT-i, the Grand Livina with Exora with CVTC and its CPS.

However, fuel consumption is still held teririt Grand Livina which has the smallest engine capacity. Innova with weight machines and the biggest surprise is not to drink gasoline the most, which then followed by a different Exora thin with Innova.
Condition Innova Exora GrandLivina
In the City 1 / 9 1 / 9, 7 1 / 12
Constant (100km/jam) 1 / 12 1 / 14 1 / 19
Out of 1 / 11 1 / 12 1 / 14

Innova ** (2 Stars)
Exora * (1 Star)
Grand Livina *** (3 Stars)

As the current recession conditions, clearly the price becomes very sensitive to a consideration in buying a car. Grand Livina with various points above, it becomes very value for money waalupun the price of Rp 187 million.

Although less expensive, but the performance and comfort of the Grand Livina though no doubt there are still some shortcomings in some points. Exora a car with the most expensive official price of Rp 198 million and Exora dibanderol USD 208 million.

MPV comparison this time not in the same class, but the common thread is the closeness taken prices and capacity-owned machines. Innova superior in terms of performance, accommodation and comfort.

While winning the Grand Livina in fuel consumption, comfort and a more affordable price. While Exora superior in style, accommodation and stunning features. The end result remains the assessment in your hand. At least this time the cake MPV was not confined to Innova and it was quite a relief for other ATPM.

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